ARA Committee

Frame of Reference

1. Preamble

This committee shall be called the Annual Representative Assembly Delegates hereafter referred to as “ARA Committee.”

2. Duties and Responsibilities of ARA Chair

2.1 Calls and facilitates regularly- scheduled meetings, keeping accurate records, providing agendas and minutes and reports back to Local executive and council

2.2 Maintains the Committee budget, provides accurate records to the Treasurer on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

2.3 Initiates and seeks submissions from the local members on resolutions to be addressed for formulated for the ARA conference, and provides these to Barnett House in a timely fashion.

2.4 Make hotel accommodations and travel arrangements, if necessary for delegates and provide accurate records to the Treasurer of all expense leading up to and including the ARA conference.

2.5 Following the ARA conference, the Chair will submit a written report to local council at the next meeting following the ARA conference.

2.6 Keep current on educational issues in Alberta and maintain active involvement and contact with other ARA chairs and Barnett House.

3. Duties and Responsibilities of ARA Delegates

3.1 Attend all meetings called by the Chair.

3.2 Work in conjunction with the Chair in preparation of proposed resolutions and circulate, seek ratification by the Local for resolutions.

3.3 Present electoral ballot at Local Council to be referred to staff meetings for discussion, and conduct a ballot at Local Council and send the results to Barnett House.

3.4 Study ARA resolution packages and provide the results of this study to the Local Council.

3.5 Attend ARA, provide input on printed and emergent resolutions, and participate in budget discussions. Provide the results of the ARA to the Local Council in the form of a report as a part of the committee.

3.6 Keep current on educational issues in Alberta and maintain active involvement and contact with other ARA delegates and Barnett House.

3.7 In order to be familiar with issues involving our Association, ARA delegates will be required to attend Local council meetings.

4. Election

4.1 At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), a maximum of eight (8) delegates will be elected. In addition, the President of the Local will be deemed a voting delegate, making the total number of ARA delegates nine (9).

4.2 From the elected delegates, the delegates will select a Chair, with duties and responsibilities as noted in Section 2 of the ARA Frame of Reference.

4.3 Additional ARA delegates may be selected as alternate delegates by the executive at a Local Council meeting.

5. Honoraria

5.1 ARA delegates will be reimbursed for all necessary expenses incurred in the delegate’s attendance at the Annual Representative Assembly. The honoraria paid to the Chair and delegates is noted in Section H of the By-Laws. The grant- in-aid associated with the function will be delivered directly to the Local.